Maven 2 vs Ant - Which is better for commercial apps

Currently I am working on a extreme RIA which is to use the code base of an existing project and rewrite were needed. Because of the strict time line, no one is attempting to rewrite the existing code base, and we are looking over problems that need to be fixed just to get things working.

However, we have made the appropriate steps to create a Maven archetype for the new part of the app, and to get the ball rolling away from the old ant build. What I'm wondering is:

  1. Is Maven really better suited for open source projects and not commercial?
  2. There are a ton of threads talking about how you have to be a Maven expert once the project grows past a certain point and something breaks.
  3. By googling "Maven vs. Ant" I find many threads but most are dated. I'm interested in how commercial projects are doing with the latest version of Maven today.

I came across a Selenium article on Matt Raible's blog that got the wheels turning. Since (it seems)everyone is moving towards Maven 2, will an existing ant project be better off ported to Maven?

Selenium is becoming fairly mainstream and now that Mavenium is up and coming it makes me wonder if Maven is really the way to go.