Maven 2 vs. Ant (revisited)

Almost a year since I made this entry and I think Maven is great for open source and commercial apps. Sure, there may be a few things you want to do that don't fit into the "Maven way" but for the most part, it is a great build system. Also, any one that uses IntelliJ Idea will fall in love with Maven on first use (I guess it handles Eclipse project files just as well).

I recently worked on converting a JBoss Portal module from Ant to Maven and you can read about a few generic problems that I ran into and how to overcome them.

Also, one very powerful feature of Maven that I am messing around with right now is filtering and profile "mashups". Lets say, I want LRD (local rapid development ;-) on my workstation using Tomcat. Usually I would use the Jetty plugin because it is the ultimate for Maven LRD, but the majority of the time and to match what is in production, developers use Tomcat at a minimum. Here is a quick tip for creating a shared distributable app using the aforementioned.

In a existing Maven app, create the following structure:


In your pom.xml we have something like








and in context.xml

<Context path="${context.path}" docBase="${context.docBase}" reloadable="true"/> 

Once you have all of this in place (along with a good cargo config found in this post) you will be on your way to a enjoyable, easy development setup.

So now, all you have to do to hot deploy your maven app to a running instance of Tomcat is type the following: mvn install -Ptomcat
This will compile and deploy your changes quickly. You can also set your IDE to copy jsp/xhtml files over using a keyboard shortcut mapping (easy to do with Idea) so for UI changes you don't have to hot deploy every time.

This example just scratches the surface of what mixing profiles with filtering can do. You could have a filtering/profile mechanism for every possible scenario.