My 4 month old MacBook Pro Hardrive is skippping... badly

It's never a good thing when your hard drive starts making that funny little skipping noise. But, it's really not good when you push the power button and all you hear are loud ass clicks and you can feel the vibration of each click on the keyboard.

In all my wise 'ol years in the IT industry, I have never had this happen to me. Sure, I've had old hd's that eventually wear out and start skipping. But not on a brand new shiny 17" MBP that is only a few months old! And then of course the first thing anyone asks you is if you have backups or use Time Machine - and what do you think my answer is :) I know, I know, blah blah Time Machine is so easy or why couldn't I have just copied my work files to my usb thumbdrive.

After reality sets in with these types of situations, you start thinking outside of your little world of sitting behind a desk and writing code all day. I don't know, I just felt like doing something crazy. Kind of like our good friends from OfficeSpace...

And after the anger you immediately start freaking out and backup things that still remain on your other systems. I have never been so diligent about my backup scripts in all my life.

I think (for us) maintaining any MP3 and picture collection over the past 10 years has been quite a challenge. If you have been fortunate/smart enough to maintain all of those songs and images (especially from the napster/mp3 galaxy days) then I applaud thee. And if you haven't backed your shiz up lately... then don't be like me and think that your computer is too new and you can put it off for a few more days.