ANTHEM reaches 15,000 in its first week

I recently created a Firefox 3 theme out of curiosity and because I love to try new things that deal with design. Much to my surprise, ANTHEM has been receiving a lot of attention over the past week since it has been released publicly on ANTHEM is named so because I consider it a hymn of praise or loyalty to my worshipful savior Jesus Christ. I also consider it dedicated to my newborn son, my wonderful wife, and the woman who raised me to be the man I am, my beautiful mother. I know, it may sound funny that I am using a Firefox theme for all of this, and I tend to keep my religious/personal views out of the work place, but I always tell God “…the more fame I receive, I will try my best to glorify you…” So here it is, a song of praise, in its own sense.

In ANTHEM’s first week, it has received over 15,000 downloads and ranks in the top 10 of the most downloaded themes for Firefox.

Visit the project page here: