Going Mobile With RichFaces! Design Proposals - Day1

Today marks an important day in the RichFaces project as we continue to head down the mobile web road. Since we have such a great community of users and followers, we want you to be involved with the design process.
So each day this week, I will come up with a new proposed design/theme for RichFaces Mobile and we want to hear your feedback.

I will announce each new design (both for tablet and phone) via twitter with a link back to this article. I will try my best to pick apart each design and describe why I did what I did, and hope you can give me some real world feedback. We want this project to actually make sense and be usable to what you guys are facing in the real world. Without further adieu....

RichFace Mobile Skin1Our first task is to tackle the RichFaces showcase of components. Classifying what is mobile ready and which components may need a little work.

Day 1: About The Design

Here we have what could be the RichFaces component showcase skin. This is what I will be posting a new version of each day this week.

In this design we have the standard browser “functionality take over” at the top header. The custom back button is essential to mobile web design and must be overridden here – following the pattern of previous designs.

Nothing too different about the standard menu options and detail options (center stage). Following convention here as well. One thing I am adhering too are the usability guidelines set forth by Jakob Nielsen‘s Usability of iPad Apps and Websites

To get the full tab bar at the bottom (and to replicate the native feel) the user must bookmark the application. I think it makes sense for this menu to be contextual to the app and provide other alternate routes.