RichFaces Mobile Designs - Day 3

So I made it over the hump of this mobile design week of madness. Below you will find a dark theme with a component skin for the rich:accordion component.

Day 3: About The Design

Here we have another phone based design broke out into 3 pages.
The first page is a standard menu so not much to say there. The bottom menu bar is a little different from my first design – following the lead of the native twitter iPhone app.
RichFace Mobile Skin1

As you can see with the second page (below), this is not a standard accordion panel type of component. When you touch an option from page one, the accordion expands on a different page and only focuses on that specific panel. Not sure if it could work, but accordion collapse/expand style of components don‘t make a ton of sense to me on limited screen real estate.
RichFace Mobile Skin1

So after you go through the menu options and decide on a component, you are taken to the detail/demo screen(below) where you can play around with your component of choice.

Note the small orange page marker dots at the bottom. The user would have the ability to flip through each component in the given section by swiping horizontally.
RichFace Mobile Skin1