AeroGear - Mobile, HTML5, and Auwesome

The AeroGear project had it's official launch last week and I want to review what we're doing and where we're headed. For starters, AeroGear is focused on:

  • Education - Screencasts, Tutorials, and Quickstarts for running any (HTML5, Hybrid, Native) mobile solution with JBoss projects and app servers.
  • Innovation - Many of AeroGear's primary goals are to provide HTML5 extensions for web applications, both mobile and desktop based.
  • Community - We already have several community members contributing examples, demos, and other useful resources. We want to hear from you! We're here for the community.'

Most front-end developers are familiar with "jQuery callbacks and RESTful services", but all developers should be familiar with how this architecture affects their end of the stack. So we put together the following diagram which explains the concept of "POH5" (Plain Old HTML5)


So why another acronym? Why not just call it "Plain Old Open Web"? The HTML5 revolution causes developers to think differently about their overall architecture, with more JavaScript and CSS on the client-side and RESTful endpoints on the server-side. AeroGear hopes to bridge this gap and provide the tools or "gear" you need to get started quickly with the best possible solution.

We're just getting started... For now, we have a quickstart application which fully examines each piece of the POH5 architecture. Take it for a spin with the live demo.

Join Us! or come hang out on freenode #aerogear.